Are GPUs neccessary?

Sure, CPUs have been coming with their own integrated graphics for a while now. Maybe for the average consumer trying to do business or type some documents, it’s perfectly fine to have just a CPU doing all the work. However, what if you need to do more? Let’s say you wanna edit some videos or pictures at a high quality regularly, maybe you run high levels of video at 4k+ on a big screen. Maybe you like video games and you want to play all of them, and some at high levels. Well then let’s look at the benefits and reasons to get a GPU.

First, let’s discuss what a GPU does in case you don’t know. A GPU does what a CPU can but shouldn’t always do. What I mean by this is it takes t load off of a CPU by doing anything video/graphic related. As the GPU takes that strain off the CPU it can work harder, and more efficiently, at other tasks. In a nutshell, it’s a graphics performance booster, that eases your CPU.

So for most people, they may find a GPU unnecessary. As it seems like something only for gamers. However, the GPU can be used for a lot of purposes. Let’s say you have a cheap CPU, a cheap/decent GPU can help get the strain off the CPU. A GPU will allow you to do things you normally couldn’t do nearly as quickly such as render a video you edited, taking the render time from minutes to seconds.

Which reminds me as to why it’s a very important tool for artists, game designers, and filmmakers. As without it times to process that graphical information will greatly increase costing people time and money. As these are valuable assets a GPU is important for people with business in digital graphics.

But for most of you, the GPU is, for one thing, gaming. As gaming requires HEAVY video processing very quickly almost all CPUs can’t keep up with modern games at the levels that gamers want. As the GPU will handle all the video and the CPU will handle other tasks the games can run smoother and at a higher quality.

So for most people, I’d say a GPU may not be needed, as the average person is just doing businessĀ on their computer, but a GPU requirement varies depending on a multitude of situations, like profession and interests.